Acts of the Apostles

    Acts of The Apostles GraphicThis Bible study cover the book of Acts chapter by chapter.   The Gospel writer Luke wrote two books.  The first is the Gospel of Luke which told Jesus’ story from birth to death and resurrection.  The second book is called “The Acts of the Apostles,” or simply “Acts.”  It tells the stories of what the disciples did after Jesus ascended into heaven.  It is the story about how faith in Jesus spread throughout the world.  It explains how believing in Jesus as the true messiah change from being a small Jewish sect into a worldwide religion.  It shows how God continued to guide Jesus followers through the Holy Spirit.  Some parts of the book of Acts are familiar to most Christians, but many events are little known and quite intriguing.  Acts is the foundation for connecting the Gospels and teachings of Jesus to the rest of the apostolic writings in the New Testament.

    Session 1 - 03/19/2017 - The Ascension of Jesus - Session 1.mp3

    Session 2 - 03/26/2017 - The Coming of the Holy Spirit - Session 2.mp3

    Session 3 - 04/02/2017 - The Boldness of the Church in Jerusalem - Session 3.mp3

    Session 4 - 04/09/2017 - Palm Sunday - Session 4.mp3

    Session 5 - 04/23/2017 - Life as a Congregation in Jerusalem - Session 5.mp3

    Session6 - 04/30/2017 - Stephen - Session6.mp3

    Session 7 - 05/07/2017 - The Dispersion of the Jerusalem Church - Session 7.mp3

    Session 8 - 05/14/2017 - The Conversion of St. Paul - Session 8.mp3

    Session 9 - 05/21/2017 - The Mission to the Gentiles - Session 9.mp3

    Session 10 - 05/28/17 - The First Gentile Congregation - Session 10.mp3

    Session 11 - 06/04/17 - The Imprisonment of Peter - Session 11.mp3

    Session 12 - 06/11/2017 - First Missionary Journey: Part 1 - Session 12.mp3

    Session 13 - 06/18/2017 - First Missionary Journey: Part 2 - Session 13.mp3

    Session 14 - 06/25/17 - The Jerusalem Council - Session 14.mp3

    Session 15 - 07/02/2017 - Second Missionary Journey: Part 1 - Session 15.mp3

    Session 16 - 07/09/2017 - Second Missionary Journey: Part 2 - Session 16.mp3

    Session 17 - 07/16/2017 - Second Missionary Journey: Part 3 - Session 17.mp3

    Session 18 - 07/23/2017 - Third Missionary Journal - Session 18.mp3

    Come, Holy Spirit!


    As the third Person of the Trinity, the work of the Holy Spirit is tied to the work of the Father and the Son. From the beginning, the Holy Spirit was actively involved in creation in giving life and breath. Throughout the Old Testament, the Spirit revealed truth to people and empowered people to do God’s will by speaking through the prophets. In the same way, the New Testament shows that the Spirit is at work in the hearts of all believers as the source of our life in faith.

    Our study materials are written by Rev. Janann Gluth King and provided by Sola Publishing.  You can get these material in class on Sunday or order them directly from Sola. (Here is the link.)

    Session 1 - 01/08/2017 - The Reality of the Holy Spirit - Session 1.mp3

    Session 2 - 01/15/2017 - The Divinity of the Holy Spirit - Session 2.mp3

    Session 3 - 01/22/2017 - The Guidance of the Holy Spirit - Session 3.mp3

    Session 4 - 01/29/2017 - The Enlightenment of the Holy Spirit - Session 4.mp3

    Session 5 - 2/05/2017 - The Mission of the Holy Spirit - Session 5.mp3

    Session 6 - 02/12/2017 - The Mission of the Holy Spirit - Session 6.mp3

    Session 7 - 02/19/2017 - The Fruit of the Holy Spirit - Session 7.mp3

    Session 8 - 02/26/2017 - The Unity of the Holy Spirit - Session 8.mp3

    Session 9 - 03/05/2017 - The Unity of the Holy Spirit - Session 9.mp3

    A Deeper Look at the Sermon on the Mount

    Written down in the 5th, 6th, and 7th chapters of Matthew’s Gospel, the Sermon on the Mount is probably the best-known part of the teachings of Jesus.  It is by far the most powerful and strict exposition of God’s covenant ever given.  Its two fold purpose becomes clear as modern disciples study the amazing and authoritative teachings of Jesus set forth in an ethical and spiritual framework.  Those who approach the Sermon on the Mount in hopes of attaining their own righteousness through adherence to the law will be broken. (Romans 3:20)  Those who have been broken and are repentant will find a comforting guide for how to work out the gift of salvation in fear and trembling. (Philippians 2:12)  The clarity and whole life implications of Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount bear continuous study by Christians who are seeking to be faithful disciples of the true messiah.

    Our Bible study guide, A Deeper Look at the Sermon on the Mount, was written by John Stott.  John Stott is a well know pastor, teacher, author, and evangelical leader.  He is best known for his one aim: for the kingdom of God to reign in every person and place on earth.  To that end, he clearly and consistently communicated the truth about God from Scripture, drew others to Jesus Christ, and equipped people to love and study God’s Word.   Although he died in 2011, we are privileged to be able to have the wisdom of his interpretation added to the study of our Lord’s great teaching from the mountain.  We will have additional copies of the Bible Study available on Sunday mornings at church.  You may also order your own copy directly from Intervarsity Press at

    Session 1 - 9/11/2016 - Introduction to the Sermon On the Mount - Session 1.mp3

    Session 2 - 9/18/2016 - Unexpected Blessings - Session 2.mp3

    Session 3 - 9/25/2016 - God's Way to Make a Difference - Session 3.mp3

    Session 4 - 10/02/2016 - The Importance of Obeying God's Law - Session 4.mp3

    Session 5 - 10/09/2016 - What's wrong with Private Sins? - Session 5.mp3

    Session 6 - 10/16/2016 - Faithfulness in Marriage and Speech - Session 6.mp3

    Session 7 - 10/23/2016 - How to Really Love Your Enemies - Session 7.mp3

    Reformation Discussion - 10/30/2016 - Reformation Sunday - Reformation Discussion.mp3

    Session 8 - 11/06/2016 - How Not to Be Religious - Session 8.mp3

    Session 9 - 11/13/2016 - A Pattern for Dynamic Prayer - Session 9.mp3

    Session 10 - 11/20/2016 - What God Thinks of My Ambitions - Session 10.mp3

    Session 11 - 12/04/2016 - Relationships That Encourage - Session 11.mp3

    Session 12 - 12/11/2016 - Detecting the Lies of Our World - Session 12.mp3

    Session 13 - 01/01/2017 - No Choice - Session 13.mp3

    Advent Lectionary Study

    During Advent we take time to study the Bible Texts that are assigned for each Sunday.  These are the same texts that are used by other Christian liturgical churches each Sunday.  Normally they include an Old Testament lesson, a Psalm, an Epistle Lesson (New Testament letter), and a Lesson from one of the Gospels.  This year we are studying Gospel lessons from the Book of Luke.

    2nd Sunday in Advent - December 6, 2015 - Advent 2 - 2nd Sunday in Advent.mp3

    3rd Sunday in Advent - December 13, 2015 - Advent 3 - 3rd Sunday in Advent.mp3

    4th Sunday in Advent - December 20, 2015 - Advent 4 - 4th Sunday in Advent.mp3

    Divine Drama: The Biblical Narrative & Our Narrative

    Christians claim Jesus of Nazareth as savior and lord.  But to understand what that means one must have a reasonable understanding of 66 ancient writings that we collectively call Holy Scripture.  The Bible in both Old and New testament is the authoritative source for explaining who Jesus is and what he means for us.  In God’s word we also find a guide for how to live our lives as Christians as well as revelation for what we can expect to find beyond death.

    The Divine Drama series is designed to give Christians a in depth overview of the Bible and key Christian teachings.  So often the Bible is studied a piece at a time without an understanding of the broad sweep of the story it tells about Jesus, who he is, and what he means to us.  The Divine drama Series is designed to remedy this.

    The first part of this series, The Biblical Narrative,  deals specifically with the story the Bible tells.  This part of the study starts at the Bible’s beginning in Genesis and follows through, book by book, all the way to revelation.  During this part of the course the student will gain a wider perspective of how the Bible tells its story, how it fits together, and how to better understand its message.

    The second part of this series, Our Narrative, looks at the nature of what we confess as Christian Faith.  It systematically approaches an understanding of aspects of what we believe in light of the teachings of Holy Scripture.

    The student materials for this course are available during class or can be purchased through the church office.


    Session 1 - 09/06/2015 - Biblical Stage: Part 1 - Session 1.mp3

    Session 2 - 09/13/2015 - Biblical Stage: Part 2 - Session 2.mp3

    Session 3 - 9/20/2015 - Mini Drama 1 - Session 3.mp3

    Session 4 - 09/27/2015 - Mini Drama 2 - Session 4.mp3

    Session 5 - 10/04/2015 - Beginning and Purpose - Session 5.mp3

    Session 6 - 10/11/2015 - Enter Chaos 1 - Session 6.mp3

    Session 7 - 10/18/2015 - Enter Chaos 2 - Session 7.mp3

    Session 7.5 - 10/25/2015 - People of the Promise - Session 7.5.mp3

    Session 8 - 11/01/2015 - Abram/Isaac - Session 8.mp3

    Session 9 - 11/08/2015 - Jacob/Joseph - Session 9.mp3

    Session 10 - 11/15/2015 - Exodus - Session 10.mp3

    Session 11 - 11/22/2015 - Sinai - Session 11.mp3

    Session 12 - 12/27/2015 - Conquest - Session 12.mp3

    Session 13 - 01/03/2016 - Judges - Session 13.mp3

    Session 14 - 01/10/2016 - Saul - Session 14.mp3

    Session 15 - 01/17/2016 - David - Session 15.mp3

    Session 16 - 01/24/2016 - Solomon - Session 16.mp3

    Session 17 - 01/31/2016 - Kingdoms - Session 17.mp3

    Session 18 - 02/07/2016 - Prophets 1 - Session 18.mp3

    Session 19 - 02/14/2016 - Prophets 2 - Session 19.mp3

    Session 20 - 02/21/2016 - Exile - Session 20.mp3

    Session 21 - 02/28/2016 - Between 1 - Session 21.mp3

    Session 22 - 03/06/2016 - Between 2 - Session 22.mp3

    Session 23 - 03/13/2016 - Messiah Claim - Session 23.mp3

    Session 24 - 3/20/2016 - Messiah Verdict - Session 24.mp3

    Session 25 - 4/3/2016 - Messiah Today 1 - Session 25.mp3

    Session 26 - 4/10/2016 - Messiah Today 2 - Session 26.mp3

    Session 27 - 4/17/2016 - Covenants - Session 27.mp3

    Session 28 - 4/24/2016 - Bible Basics - Session 28.mp3

    Session 29 - 5/1/2016 - Baptism 1 - Session 29.mp3

    Session 30 - 5/8/2016 - Pentecost - Session 30.mp3

    Session 31 - 5/15/2016 - Baptism 2 - Session 31.mp3

    Session 32 - May 22 2016 - Trinity 1 - Session 32.mp3

    Session 33 - May 29 2016 - Trinity 2 - Session 33.mp3

    Session 34 - June 5 2016 - Jesus Messiah 1 - Session 34.mp3

    Session 35 - June 12 2016 - Jesus Messiah 2 - Session 35.mp3

    Session 36 - June 19 2016 - Gifts of Grace - Session 36.mp3

    Session 37 - June 26 2016 - Response 1 - Session 37.mp3

    Session 38 - July 3 2016 - Response 2 - Session 38.mp3

    Session 39 - July 10 2016 - Death - Session 39.mp3

    Session 40 - July 17 2016 - Communion - Session 40.mp3

    Session 41 - July 24 2016 - Preparation - Session 41.mp3

    Session 42 - July 31 2016 - God vs Satan - Session 42.mp3

    Session 43 - August 7 2016 - Satan vs God - Session 43.mp3

    Session 44 - August 14 2016 - Christian Prayer - Session 44.mp3

    Session 45 - August 21 2016 - Lord's Prayer - Session 45.mp3

    Session 46 - August 28 2016 - Redemption - Session 46.mp3

    Session 47 - September 4 2016 - Therefore... - Session 47.mp3

    Hope In Troubled Times: Studies in the Book of Revelation

    A 6-Week Bible Study

    By the end of the first century, when St. John wrote his “Apocalypse,” great persecution had come to those who believed in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The imperial government had stepped up its attempt to force Christians to deny their faith by sacrificing to Roman gods. Those who clung to their faith often did so at the cost of their lives. This was not universally the case across the Roman empire, but it was happening in enough places to make it a serious matter for Christians everywhere. So God granted the oldest living Apostle, St. John, a reassuring vision of God’s power in the world. St. John wrote this vision into a letter that he sent to existing churches throughout the ancient world.

    In his letter, John spelled out his vision in the same language and imagery of many passages from prophets in the Old Testament. The purpose was to bring comfort to those who suffered and feared persecution. It was meant to encourage readers to stand firm in their faith that God would make sense of the present pain in future righteousness.  Generation upon generation of Christians have drawn hope from the words in Revelation to help faith through troubled times.  Much of this encouragement has come from works of art, music, and literature inspired by John’s amazing vision.

    This study is not meant to be exhaustive.   It is only a quick survey of the Book of Revelation in hopes that the learner can better understand its potential and purpose in a Christian’s life.

    Study Guide: Hope in Troubled Times – Participants Book

    Session One - July 26, 2015 - John Writes a Letter - Session One.mp3

    Session Two - August 2, 2015 - Heaven, Earth, and Hell - Session Two.mp3

    Session Three - August 9, 2015 - Facing the Dragon - Session Three.mp3

    Session Four - August 16, 2015 - Heaven and Earth at War - Session Four.mp3

    Session Five - August 23, 2015 - God's Victory - Session Five.mp3

    Session Six - August 30, 2015 - The Return of Christ - Session Six.mp3

    Immediately! Study of the Gospel of Mark

    A 17-Week Bible Study

    A “Gospel” is a unique form of literature that presents the life of Jesus in a way designed to create faith in readers and to help them become Christian disciples. It is designed to proclaim the truth about Jesus and to provide a foundation for Christian witness beyond the lives of those who actually saw Jesus Christ’s miracles, teachings, death, and resurrection. Mark was the first of the Bible’s four Gospels to be written. Matthew and Luke draw heavily on texts in Mark. It is clear that John’s gospel was written later during the beloved dis¬ciple’s old age. It is likely that Mark wrote his Gospel sometime during the fifth decade (AD 50 – 60) of the first century. It is commonly understood that Mark wrote his gospel in Rome where the large and growing Christian community was led by both Peter and Paul. This community became a vital center for the church of the earliest Christians. It was a community of both Jewish believers and gentile Christians. As the original Apostles aged and died, it became vital to write down the essential elements of their teaching and witness. This is clearly a reason that Mark wrote his gospel. Mark is mentioned several times in the Bible in places other than his Gospel. He was an associate of both Peter and Paul. He played a role as both an eye-witness to Jesus and as a leader in the early Christian Church. In this study we will look carefully at both what Mark wrote about Jesus and how he shaped his stories to better understand God’s word for us in the wonderful book of the Bible.

    Participants Book: Immediately! – Study on the Gospel of Mark

    Session One - April 12, 2015 - Beginnings - Session One.mp3

    Session Two - April 19, 2015 - The Battle is Joined - Session Two.mp3

    Session Three - April 26, 2015 - Signs of the Kingdom - Session Three.mp3

    Session Four - May 3, 2015 - The Nature of Faith: Part 1 - Session Four.mp3

    Session Five - May 10, 2015 - The Nature of Faith: Part 2 - Session Five.mp3

    Session Six - May 17, 2015 - The Hinge of the Gospel - Session Six.mp3

    Session Seven - May 31, 2015 - The Plot Thickens: Part 1 - Session Seven.mp3

    Session Eight - June 7, 2015 - The Plot Thickens: Part 2 - Session Eight.mp3

    Session Nine - June 14, 2015 - The Battle Is Joined: Part 1 - Session Nine.mp3

    Session Ten - June 21, 2015 - The Battle Is Joined: Part 2 - Session Ten.mp3

    Session Eleven - June 28, 2015 - Betrayal and Denial: Part 1 - Session Eleven.mp3

    Session Twelve - July 5,2015 - Betrayal and Denial: Part 2 - Session Twelve.mp3

    Session Thirteen - July 12, 2015 - Death and Resurrection: Part 1 - Session Thirteen.mp3

    Session Fourteen - July 19, 2015 - Death and Resurrection: Part 2 - Session Fourteen.mp3

    Standing on the Promises: Preparing to Defend Your Faith

    An 18-Week Bible Study

    We live in a scientific age. The scientific method shapes nearly every aspect of life. Our secular culture assumes that today’s science proves that there is no God. Atheists claim that science has demonstrated that the Bible and Christian faith are false. Alarmed by growing religious faith around the world and particularly the rapid growth of Christianity in the southern hemisphere, today’s atheists are no longer content to let the march of modernity diminish faith. They have gone on the attack, asserting that Christian faith is actually dangerous. Modern atheists are actively seeking to undermine the faith of Christians. (Try a Google search on Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, or Christopher Hitchens) Christians today need to respond! We need to be ready to meet the rise of militant atheism head on. We must not leave the defense of faith to theologians and pastors. This is everyone’s job. All Christians need to know the basics of what we believe. Every believer needs to know how to turn back atheism with clear reason and to explain how the Bible is true. It is also vital that everyone learn what science is actually saying about the truth so that we can end centuries of false assumptions. We need to confront the false assumptions that secular culture insinuates about faith in God. This will be our task as we take up the challenge to “Stand on the Promises.” We will look closely at how to defend our Christian Faith.

    Participants Book 1: Why Christians Need to Defend Their Faith (Sessions 1 to 6)
    Participant’s Book 2: Refuting Secular Assertions (Sessions 7 to 12)
    Participant’s Book 3: Making the Case for Christianity (Sessions 13 to 18)

    Session One - September 21, 2014 - The Rise and Fall of Militant Atheism - Session One.mp3

    Session Two - September 28, 2014 - Faith Worth Defending - Session Two.mp3

    Session Three - October 5, 2014 - The Christian Mind: Reason - Session Three.mp3

    Session Four - October 12, 2014 - The Christian Mind: Tradition - Session Four.mp3

    Session Five - October 19, 2014 - The Bible is True: External Evidence - Session Five.mp3

    Session Six - October 26, 2014 - The Bible is True: Internal Clarity - Session Six.mp3

    Session Seven - November 2, 2014 - The Problem of Pain - Session Seven.mp3

    Session Eight - November 9, 2014 - The Problem of Church History - Session Eight.mp3

    Session Nine - November 16, 2014 - The Problem of Miracles - Session Nine.mp3

    Session Ten - November 23, 2014 - The Problem of Heaven and Hell - Session Ten.mp3

    Session Eleven - December 28, 2014 - The Problem of Christ Alone - Session Eleven.mp3

    Session Twelve - January 4, 2015 - The Problem of Doubt - Session Twelve.mp3

    Session Thirteen - January 18, 2015 - Addressing Secularism - Session Thirteen.mp3

    Session Fourteen - January 25, 2015 - Classical Proofs for God - Session Fourteen.mp3

    Session Fifteen - February 8, 2015 - The Law of Human Nature - Session Fifteen.mp3

    Session Sixteen - February 22, 2015 - The Big Bang - Session Sixteen.mp3

    Session Seventeen - March 1, 2015 - The Anthropic Principle - Session Seventeen.mp3

    Session Eighteen - March 15, 2015 - The Origin of Life - Session Eighteen.mp3

    God’s Reluctant Leaders

    A 9-Week Bible Study

    This nine-session Bible Study focuses on the stories of three biblical characters: Jonah, Gideon, and Moses. Sessions explore how God works to create faith within those whom He calls to serve His mission. We study the entire Book of Jonah. His attempt to escape from God’s call to preach at Nineveh leads to a ride in a whale, a miraculous conversion of an entire ancient city and a fascinating plot twist at the end. In Judges 6-7 we find Gideon, who is the Bible’s best example of the “Cowardly Lion.” He is called and convinced by God to save his people from the Midianites. The story helps us to understand God’s true feelings about Idolatry. And then there is Moses, one of the greatest leaders in the Bible whose fear of leadership left him tongue-tied and shy in the face of his call to go lead God’s people out of Bondage in Egypt. We will be studying selections from Exodus to unravel the mysteries of Moses reluctance and God’s marvelous accomplishments through him. We will be using material from Sola Publishing. You can locate a copy of the participant’s book here.

    Session One - July 20, 2014 - Reluctance to God's Call - Session One.mp3

    Session Two - July 27, 2014 - Prayer and Acceptance - Session Two.mp3

    Session Three - August 3, 2014 - Unusual Preaching - Session Three.mp3

    Session Four - August 10, 2014 - Protecting God? - Session Four.mp3

    Session Five - August 17, 2014 - Asking for a Sign - Session Five.mp3

    Session Six - August 24, 2014 - Idols Among Us - Session Six.mp3

    Session Seven - August 31, 2014 - Encountering God - Session Seven.mp3

    Session Eight - September 7, 2014 - Miraculous Power - Session Eight.mp3

    Session Nine - September 14, 2014 - Members of the Body - Session Nine.mp3

    The Book of Romans

    A 12-Week Bible Study

    The Book of Romans is Paul’s careful develop of the theological foundations of the Christian Gospel. His longest work, Paul writes to the congregation in Rome who he is looking forward to meeting. The Book of Romans is a self introduction of Paul as an apostle and a systematic presentation of the Christian Gospel. Paul begins his instruction with words about creation and the natural order, and then proceeds to show how humankind’s disobedience brought about destruction to them. Then Paul moves methodically–but beautifully–through the story of the Old Testament Scriptures, recounting God’s justice and grace throughout history, from the days of the patriarchs until the time of his writing. At the Same time ,Paul lays out the “anatomy” of salvation, telling both the wide-lens story of how God saves sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ. Using a study guide published by CROSSWAY (, the translators and publishers of the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible, we will take a twelve week look at this crucial book for Christian self-understanding. You may find our study guide, authored by Jared C. Wilson at

    Session One - April 27, 2014 - Overview - Session One .mp3

    Session Two - May 4, 2014 - The Gospel as the Revelation of the Righteousness of God - Session Two.mp3

    Session Three - May 11, 2014 - God's Righteousness in His Wrath Against Sinners - Session Three.mp3

    Session Four - May 18, 2014 - The Saving Righteousness of God - Session Four.mp3

    Session Five - May 25, 2014 - Hope as a Result of Righteousness by Faith - Session Five.mp3

    Session Six - June 1, 2014 - The Triumph of Grace - Session Six.mp3

    Session Seven - June 8, 2014 - Life in the Spirit - Session Seven.mp3

    Session Eight - June 15, 2014 - God's Promises to Israel - Session Eight.mp3

    Session Nine - June 22, 2014 - God's Righteousness in His Plans for Jews and Gentiles - Session Nine.mp3

    Session Ten - June 29, 2014 - Living in Light of the Gospel - Session Ten.mp3

    Session Eleven - July 6, 2014 - The Extension of God's Righteousness Through Mission - Session Eleven.mp3

    Session Twelve - July 13, 2014 - Final Summary of the Gospel of the Righteousness of God - Session Twelve.mp3