Wait for the Lord

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. (Psalm 27:14)Wait For The Lord

Most of us are not very good at waiting. We want things to happen right now. We want to be able to establish the time and place when things are going to happen. We want to make things happen. Sometimes that works out just fine. Life seems to be going along just fine. At other times…not so much…we are not sure what we should do. Our lives fill up with stress over decisions that threaten to overwhelm us.

That is what King David is talking about in Psalm 27. Now King David was responsible for a whole country. He had to make decisions about fighting wars and running a government. What we face is probably not that dramatic. But the principle he sets out in the 14th verse of this wonderful psalm is just as applicable to our everyday problems.

“Wait for the Lord.” That is what the Psalm counsels. What that means is that instead of rushing ahead and just making stuff happen, we need to hold back for a little while. We need to take some time to pray to our heavenly father. We need to wait and see if God has something to say about the dilemma we are facing. So how do we wait for the Lord? How does God say something about a decision we are trying to make? Here are three quick practical suggestions.

First, as you are praying about the decision or problem you are dealing with, if someone comes to your mind, a person you trust and respect, consider talking the issue through with them to hear their ideas.  God’s most common way of talking to us is through other people.

Second, open your bible and start reading. Read at least a chapter or two. Blindly picking a single random verse is rarely helpful. But it is amazing how often flipping through the Bible and reading longer sections can help us to get perspective on issues that we are facing.

Third, if you can, just let some time pass to see if your thinking changes. That is what “waiting” means. It means letting time pass. If we don’t have a deadline or crisis to avert, then taking some time with a decision can give God an opportunity to work for us. He helps us see the picture more clearly as we take our concerns to him in prayer over time.

Gracious God, help us to come to you with the problems in our lives. We need to talk to you about whatever worries us. Help us to be strong. Give us the courage we need for life. Help us to Wait for you Lord. AMEN.

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